Our Story

Jewelries carry meanings and memories.

Our fine quality jewelries will carry yours beyond time. 

Over the years we've seen people paying too much money for jewelries of suboptimal quality, but have to throw them away later and create waste to the environment.

We want to change this:

  • We use quality materials that are sourced ethically
  • We apply expert craftsmanship to every piece of jewelry; co-founder Annie (GIA Graduate Gemologist) personally inspects every custom design piece
  • We price our jewelries fairly, by cutting out the middlemen and not engaging in big budget marketing campaigns 
  • We provide lifetime jewelry care service for every piece of jewelry bought with us 

The Founders

Vivi & Ann founders

Vivi & Ann was founded by Vivienne Wang and Annie Fu in New York City in 2012. Vivienne is a designer and photographer, and Annie is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Pearls Graduate. The elegant and exquisite eastern culture meets and sparkles with the passionate and freely western culture into a variety of jewelry designs. Currently, Vivienne lives with two lovely cats and Annie lives with her lovely 3-year-old in sunny Florida. And the creation continues...


The Collaborations

Every season, Vivi & Ann collaborates with indie artists to create interesting one-of-a-kind jewelries. Past artists included illustrators and dessert designers, and many unique designs came out of the collaboration.

If you are an indie artist and are interested in collaborating, please email us at hello@vivi-ann.com.


The Charity

Vivi & Ann donate part of the jewelry sales to three causes: 

  • Water conservation
  • Women's rights
  • Child protection

If you are interested in partnering with us for charity activities, please contact us at hello@vivi-ann.com



2008 Vivienne and Annie met

2012 Started vintage jewelry brand - VA Jewelry; collected and curated vintage jewelries from all over the world

2014 Rebranded VA Jewelry to become VAstory and added our own designs to the collection

2019 Sold over 100,000 jewelry pieces! More than 1,000 were one-of-a-kind custom design

2020 Launched Vivi & Ann to make long lasting and meaningful jewelries accessible to every one