Life With Jewelry

Every piece of Vivi & Ann jewelry is specially crafted from materials chosen for their beauty and quality. For a long and happy life together, please keep your jewelries from knocks, scratches, chemicals, sunlight and extreme heat/cold.

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To maintain its beautiful luster, you may clean your gold/silver jewelry once a month with a few drops of mild detergent and lukewarm water, using your fingers or a soft cloth. You may use a soft-bristled brush to gently remove stubborn dirt in hard-to-reach places. Never use toothpaste or baking soda. Always remember to close the drain if you are using your sink to prevent pieces to slip away. Rinse your jewelry in warm water, let it dry completely and buff with a soft, dry, lint free cloth.

Regular polishing is another way to maintain the original glow of gold jewelry. It can remove small scratches and smudges and even out spots that may be prone to tarnishing. You may use special fabric infused with cleaning and polishing solution. Every once in a while, take off the jewelry that you wear every day, and simply buff it with dry cotton cloth to remove moisture.

Once or twice a year, take your jewelry for professional cleaning, polishing and thorough inspection. Your jeweler might recommend cleaning with professional equipment, such as ultrasonic, ionic or steam machines. They can also conduct extensive polishing with abrasive papers if your jewelry is more severely scratched.

It is best to store every piece of gold and silver jewelries in an individual pouch or keep them in a fabric-lined jewelry box with separate compartments. This will prevent your pieces from getting scratched or tangled and will reduce the potentially harmful exposure to outside elements.



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Gemstones have different hardness scales. Depending on the gemstone, some are more sensitive to scratches. Diamond is the hardest gemstone, followed by sapphire and ruby. If a minor scratch does occur, it can be polished out in most cases. Since many gemstones are quite delicate, please avoid applying hot water or harsh chemicals on them. While basic cleaning can be done at home, we recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected every 6-12 months. 



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Pearls, corals, and amber are all organic gems that are a little squeamish, and they need your careful attention. Perfumes, cosmetics, hair sprays and body sweat can damage the luster of pearls. We recommend that you wear pearl jewelry after finishing your makeup routine. Pearl jewelries purchased with Vivi & Ann will include a specially designed soft cloth made of microfiber – you can use it to wipe off the sweat and chemical residue on your pearl jewelry. Avoid placing pearls and organic gems in plastic pouches as the vacuum environment can make them dry and dull. Nice pearl strands usually use nylon, silk or wool to tie the knots in the middle to prevent the pearls from rubbing against each other or spilling when the thread is broken. Store your pearl strands flatly in the jewelry box. Depending on how often you wear the pearl strand, you may need to re-string every 2-3 years.

Very porous stones such as turquoise, opals and emeralds should be cleaned using an untreated, dry, soft cloth only. Please avoid using tissue paper or paper towels. Place organic and porous jewelry separately in Vivi & Ann’s jewelry bags or jewelry boxes to avoid unnecessary friction and scratches.


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