Our Materials


Vivi & Ann uses the high quality materials to make sure our jewelries last long and keep their shine. Here are the metals we use in our jewelries: 


24K Yellow Gold/Platinum

24K gold is 99.9% pure and does not tarnish. However, it is also lesser in density which makes it soft and pliable. For this reason, it is not used widely in everyday jewelries (although, some countries such as India and China tend to have many 24K jewelries). Over the years, Vivi & Ann has crafted couture jewelries for our private clients using 24K Gold and Platinum. They are great investment choices as well as carriers of precious memories. If you are interested in customized jewelry with 24K Yellow Gold / Platinum, please contact us at hello@vivi-ann.com. All 24K jewelries featured on vivi-ann.com will be limited editions only.


18K/14K Yellow/Rose/White Gold

18K and 14K Gold keeps its timeless luster and is usually more durable. However, 18K and 14K Gold jewelries can still get scratched and dented if they are treated too harshly – pieces worn on hands and wrists, such as rings and bracelets, are especially susceptible to this kind of damage. We recommend 18K for special occasions as it has a more gorgeous appearance and 14K for everyday wear as it offers more durability (approximately 90% of all wedding bands in the US market uses 14K gold).


Vermeil Gold

Vermeil has very strict conditions to meet: the core metal needs to be silver and the gold layer needs to be at least 2.5 microns thick. In other words, gold vermeil is silver jewelry with a thick gold coating, usually at least five times thick than regular gold-plated jewelry. Because it contains two precious metals, you get the best of both. Every piece of Vivi & Ann vermeil jewelry meets strictly the vermeil standard, offering the best quality for the price.


Sterling Silver with Rhodium Coat

Vivi & Ann plates sterling silver jewelry with rhodium coat to give the jewelry piece extra shine and durability.


Gold Plated

While it is widely believed that gold plated jewelry can be easily tarnished, Vivi & Ann strives to provide the highest quality for gold-plated jewelries, and if you pay close attention and follow the general use instructions, it will remain bright and shine for a long period of time.


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