Our Story - old

Vivi & Ann makes high quality fine & demi-fine jewelries with fair prices. We believe each piece of jewelry carries a special memory and should last for a long time. 

The Design

Our design comes from three sources:

1) Our in-house designers. Annie is a jewelry design 

2) Collaborators 


started by Vivienne Wang and Annie Fu. 


Founder Story

In 2008, Vivienne and Annie met in New York and founded V&A Jewelry, a vintage jewelry brand. In 2012, V&A started selling 


Vivi & Ann was founded in New York in 2012 (then known as V&A Jewelry). Vivienne is graphic designer from Shanghai and Annie is jewelry designer from New York. 

Vivien and Ann met in 2008 - Vivi was a design student from Shanghai and Ann was a business student from Missouri. We quickly became good friends because of our shared passion on jewelries.

After graduating from college, Vivi became a graphic designer for a fashion magazine and Ann became a financial analyst in an insurance company. We stayed in touch via online chats and sent each other nice vintage jewelries